Treginnis Farm Trip – Gandhi Class

Day 1

‘ We arrived at Treginnis Farm at 3pm. It took six hours to get here. During our journey our driver, Winn, dropped us off at Newgale Beach.’ By Nina

‘Friday was a great day! Firstly, I didn’t get travel sickness and nobody was bored on the journey there. We stopped at a service station to have lunch and play on the climbing frame. Finally, we reached our destination.’ By Aoife

‘Today we visited Newgale Beach and we ran around looking for shells. Liam and Casey found two fascinating shells shaped like unicorn horns.’ By Max

‘We stopped at Newgale Beach. It was a pebble beach. Me and Mimi were planning on making something with the shells for our friend Nina. It is her birthday tomorrow! Dinner was great! Chicken wraps and strawberry mouse with cream.’ By Ellen

‘Mmm, what a lovely lunch!’ By David.

‘We streched our legs at a beach called Newgale. When we arrived, Mike, one of the farmers, told us the rules and showed us around. By Kasha.

Day 2

‘Today we got up at 7am. We did a sheep check and saw a lamb being born. I had lovely bacon and eggs for breakfast and the next thing we did was walk up to Buzzard Lock with the dogs.’ By Zachary

‘Today we woke up at 6-6:30am. We shoveled horse poo in a wheel barrow it didn’t stink, it was brilliant!’ By Kai

‘One of the sheep had twins today! Unfortunately one of them died. We saw horses, we walked one called Tudor. I walked it first, then we had dinner.’ By Liam

‘The end of the day was great! I held a lamb and we put a pregnant sheeps in the shed in case any of them gave birth overnight. In the morning, we have to check if anything happened!’ By Holly

‘We had to muck out the pigs and the goats! The stench was terrible but the piglets were cute!’ By Mimi

‘We saw a baby lamb born on Nina’s birthday and we had an amazing cake after our full day of work.’ By Flo

‘I’ve had a great day. We had a lesson on sheep with Rob the Farmer. He remembered me and Lucien and let me take charge in ordering the group to make sure the sheep did not escape!’ By Anna

‘We fed the rams and then had a delicious lunch. In the morning we fed the goats.’ By Kasha

‘The first task was milkingand feeding the goats. Another task was mucking out the pig and goat pens.’ By Eleanor

‘We fed the sheep and held a lamb! They are so cute! For super, it was Nina’s birthday so we had pizza and cake. Lovely!’ By Lucien

‘Today, my fear of dogs has finally come to an end! Today, group B had to clean the goats, pig and horses!’ By Jameela

‘We walked the sheep dogs around the coat and it was such great fun. After that we walked Tudor around the field.’ By Mia G

‘We milked the goats and for a rest we had a little walk around!’ By Nevay

‘It was Nina’s birthday and we had the most impressive cake to eat!’ By Rudi

‘We went down to the boot room then we saw the sheep. Then we saw twin lambs being born.’ By Olivia

 Day 3


Day 3.

This morning we milked and fed the goats. I hate goats because they kept on pushing me. Milking them is odd because it feels like you’re holding a bean bag. But I have done it twice!

This afternoon we went to hold a baby lamb. I got to hold it. It felt like a teddy bear, only more active.

My favourite thing so far is speaking to my friends in bed, and playing games.

The food is really good – but I still hate those goats!!!!!!!!!!


Day 3.

Today the weather was dull and wet and no one liked it! Even the animals.

This afternoon a small group of us went to feed the Rams, but only 5 of us decided  they were brave enough to face up to the horrible weather and go and feed them. I was one of them. Rob rewarded us with 10 dorm points. When we’d finished we were in pain from the cold, but still alive! Luckily we get to have a shower tonight.

My favourite animal so far is the goats, and my best activity is feeding them, because they are so cute and fluffy and they can’t harm anyone.


My favourite part so far has been feeding the chickens because when you’re feeding them they peck your hands and it tickles. I thought it was going to be scary, and they were going to bite, but they didn’t. The cockerels make a horrible noise though.

Today we had Sunday roast, we had pork and I had chicken. My favourite meal by far was Beef Crumble (Mmmmmmmmmmm!!)

The worst part so far was the rain, my hair got flat and disgusting – I’m off for a shower now!


My favourite thing so far has been clearing out the sheds of poo, because it builds up your muscles and it has made me more confident working around poo and animals.

We had Jelly and Ice cream today for desert and it had fresh blackberries in it – but I didn’t really like them. I really like being with everyone, Alphy fussing about his hair has cheered me up during the rain.


Yesterday was my birthday. Ellen, Mimi, Alya and Flo woke me up by sprinkling confetti and tickling my toes. I opened the presents my mum had given me.

There was a Happy Birthday banner and balloons in the lounge.  For tea there was a giant cake on top of lots and lots of cup cakes. It was YUM!!!

Today a few of us went  out in the freezing rain and walked up the hill to feed the sheep. It was freezing, but we DID IT! Cate was very proud of us all.

My favourite animal so far has been the pig. We named him Antonio because he didn’t grunt or snort at us and he did really strange poos.


My favourite part so far has been shovelling out the goats old straw and hay because it was fun wheeling the wheel barrows through the mud and using the forks to pick up loads of POO!

My favourite animal was the goats because they would do anything for their food like go running up onto a stage where there was a bucket of food, so someone could milk them. The teats were quite warm, and when you had finished milking one teat it would deflate and be completely flat.

I am looking forward to going to visit the old fashioned sweet shop.


My favourite thing has been the piglets!! They are gorgeous and I want to take one home. I have also really enjoyed spending  quite time with these wonderful kids – painting, knitting, drawing and  playing games, They have all been hilarious and good natured – even in the pouring rain!


We are going to have a fun time tomorrow! I’m looking forward to the sweet shop!


After breakfast, group C went on a hike to buzzard rock. I got to walk Siren again. Then we walked Tudor around the field!

Day 4:


This morning I woke up feeling extremely tired and it was freezing, so we all had to wear quite a lot of layers.  Group A ( my group) firstly went to feed the sheep, we also got to hold lambs, They were so cute. After we breakfast. Then we walked to Buzzard Rock the view was amazing. We all came in for drinks in the boot room and then went outside to do more work, we put bedding in for the horses.


Today we cleaned out the chickens, it was a lot of fun and we went to the gift shop. I bought a torch, a teddy bear and a picture of a horse. After lunch we went on a long walk to a different farm. It was a long way there! Then we went to the sheep and rounded them up to the place they sleep  and then work over.


First we went up to milk the goats, it was really fun because the teats get warm and squidgy. Then we fed the goats it was good fun. The two goats Autumn and Snowflake both ate out of my bowl. After breakfast we mucked out the chickens it stunk!!!. I stroked the chickens, they felt really soft.

Anthony:  Today we went for a long walk to the beach, then we went to sit on the cliff and went back home. We got to hold the baby sheep. Then we went to another farm down the road and that was a long walk. Then we had to get a bag and fill it up with some food and walked back home.  The best thing about the farm was digging out the pooooo!!

Mia G:

Lunch today was pork and potatoes (poor pigs!) Then Group B joined us and we mucked out the goats and I was crowned Princess of Poo by Cate. 

Day 5:

“We went to St David’s today and we heard lots of interesting facts about Mike. He is a late descendant from…Lady Jane Grey!!!!! After this we traveled to the sweet and gift shop and nost people bought things for their parents although Cate confiscated our drinks because they were too sugary…! I had an equisite day even though the walk was a long way!” Jameela

” Today Canonbury went to St Davids cathedral on a trip. It was a very big building and it was really exciting to be there. After this we went to the sweet shop and bought lots of treats for our families at home. When we got back to the farm, even after a long walk, we filled the potholes in the road so that cars and the coach could get up the farm track. We had a talent show in the evening and my group, HELGA!, came 2nd. James did a Beyonce dance which was strange and he kept shouting “‘Sup?!” and he thought he looked cool….he didn’t!” Mia W

Day 6

“Today was a very, very, very tiring day. My legs were chattering together and I couldn’t even move for a bit! To begin with we woke up at 6.00 a.m. then we got to the boot room and got changed. After that we fed pigs and poultry and then we  had breakfast. Then we played football and Matt had to send James off because he fouled a child. That changed the match and James’ team lost again. We went for a coast walk and we were so tired we would even have prefered a maths test! I played on the beach and I found a dead crab. James screamed like a girl when he saw the dead crab.” David

“This morning we did the pigs and then had a lovely breakfast of pancakes….Phil used half of a bottle of golden syrup! Then we looked after and mucked out the horses and donkeys…for the 5th time! There was so much poo! After that we had free time and played a game of football which we lost…thanks to James getting sent off and shooting when he could have passed to a teammate! In the afternoon we had the coastal walk and near the end we stopped at a rock pool beach. The view was amazing and luckily none of us got too wet. Tonight Mike has given us all Treginnis farmer badges and we are playing bingo again. We are all packed and tidied up ready for the coach tomorrow. I will never forget  how tired I feel this week and have enjoyed every minute. I am not sure how Tracey Boanas will feel when she sees James’ Beyonce impression on the video I took. James asked me to delete it because he thinks she will be “unimpressed” However it is going global!!” Rudi

“Today we woke up late and got to the boot room after the time we were supposed too. We made it just in time to avoid being told off! We went for a walk around the farm with Rob and his sheep dogs and we found out about Ramsey island and how it got its name and its history. After that we had a long break and then went for another coastal walk but instead with Les this time. We got to a special beach and explored the rocks and we found lots of pretty shells and living creatures. Then we found some interesting rocks that we could bring back and paint to remind us of our Treginnis journey. I will always remember Treginnis because of the challenges I have taken on and the hard work, as well as all of the nice staff. 

For tea, we had a delicious Welsh soup called Cawl, which contained beef and vegetables. To sum up this week I would say, it has been a pleasure being here and to actually work physically hard for once. I have learnt a lot of history, about working with animals and how to act around them and lots of life lessons.” Mimi 

This is the space where the children going on the second school journey to Treginnis will include their diaries and reflections.

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