Discoverers House


Hello we are Frankie and Max, the Discoverer’s House Captains.

On Wednesday 18th January, Jenny from the NSPCC came in to school to talk to all the children about the charity, Child Line and spoke about the issues that some children go through.

The assembly was very moving and all the children were engaged. I felt like we needed to do something to help raise money for the charity. Myself and Max decided to have a sponsored skip to help raise money for the charity.


All the classes took part in the skipping; we were timed and had 2 minutes to do as many skips as we could. Lots of children enjoyed it even the ones who could not skip. Children have been skipping all week in the playground. On February 1st Jenny came back into school to count all the sponsor money that had been collected. We collected over £1500.00

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Frankie and I handed out the badges to those children who took part:

Green badge is for 1 sponsor

Bronze is 5

Silver is for 15

Gold if for 25

Jenny and Tracy made it very clear to us the money is fantastic but being aware of other children and spreading the message about Child line to others is more important.  Also if we have any worries we were all given a card with the Child Line number on.

Autumn 2011

Hi my name is Max and I am the new Discoverer’s house captain

I am very proud of being your new house captain. I will work very hard and never let you down. I am really excited about the year ahead and all the interesting things we are going to do. I am already thinking of things to do like ; Halloween day when we can dress up and do fun things in class, discos, and a mini Olympic games between houses in the summer term when the 2012 Olympic Games start.

Please come and see me if you would like any more things to do in this fun year, or have any other fun ideas for us. I know we are going to have a great year together.
Thank you for choosing me.


Dear Canonbury

Thank you for making me Discoverers’ house captain.
It is a real honour for me.

I promise I will be the best house captain and listen to all your ideas and opions.
I know Max and I will try our very hardest to raise money for the NSPCC (Discoverers’ charity)
Since I’ve read things about the NSPCC, I’ve realised how much they do and what the children they help go through.

Thank you