Creators House

Thank you!

I’d like to say thank you to all of those who voted for me. I am proud to be the leader of Creators’ house, so to all the Creators of Canonbury… you won’t regret me being your leader.

If you don’t seem convinced – well this is just the beginning!

Anyway, I have great plans for events coming up, for fundraising, helping our charity (cancer research) to raise money. I highly appreciate earning my responsibility of being a housecaptain.

I will look after my house and help out as much as I can. I promise to be a responsible house captain, to help Creators succeed this year. As soon as I saw the opportunity to be the leader of Creators, I was excited.

best regards


Dear Creators…

I just want to say thanks for nominating me as your new and improved Creator house captain. I promise to you that I will reward your faith in me by organising fun and brilliant fund raising activities for our chosen charity, cancer research.

In our previous meeting with Tracy she told us that we will be allowed to do two activities 1 normal fund raiser and 1 sports event. I love this school and thank you again for nominating me.

Your creator house captain, Mohamed.